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2019 Healthcare Management Trends CNOs Should Watch

2019 Trends for CNOs

Nurse executives, CNOs and nurse managers have dealt with a lot of flux in the industry over the past decade. The shift to value-based patient care triggered belt-tightening measures in many hospitals and also led a movement toward more efficient, paperless systems. What challenges and opportunities might 2019 hold for CNOs? Here are four top […]

4 Fun Ways for Nurses to Celebrate the Holidays at Work

When you become a nurse, you realize you’re pretty much never getting any traditional holidays off. In fact, it’s a sad truth that cooking, drinking and travel accidents during the winter holidays often cause a hospital to be busier than ever. Creating some fun celebrations at work not only can ease the stress of working […]

When Everyone Else is Off for the Holidays

The holiday schedule can cause frustration and aggravation among nursing staff if it seems that everyone else is off, or that scheduling is unfair. In a perfect world, everyone would be home for the holidays. But as essential staff, nurses are usually required to work some holidays during their career. It’s not usually the most […]

How Using ShiftWizard Improves Your Life as a CNO

Chief Nursing Officers often feel constant pressure to control costs while maintaining high patient care standards, recruiting and retaining nurses and enhancing staff morale. That’s a lot to juggle. You can recapture some of your professional quality of life with just one easy action, though: deploy scheduling software. Surprised? Discover these three ways your life […]

Improve Your Recruitment Efforts by Nurturing Staff Morale

Sometimes it might seem easier to hire new nurses rather than address issues with poor morale among your current staff. Improving your company’s external package might help to recruit nurses, but it might not retain them. Negative staff morale can infect your new and future hires and drain them of their desire to stay. Investing […]

Are You a Transformational or Transactional Nurse Leader?

Every employment situation represents a transaction. As an employee, you exchange performance for certain rewards, like salary and benefits. The transactional nature of employment exists whether you are a nurse or a barista, and this will never change. But today’s nurse managers can look to a leadership style beyond the mere transaction. Transformational nurse leadership […]

3 Creative Strategies to Reduce Turnover Among ER Nurses

Nurse turnover in the Emergency Department often runs high due to burnout, compassion fatigue and injury. According to a report issued by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), an estimated one in five emergency room nurses leaves the profession within his or her first year of hire. And up to one-third leave within two years. This […]

Improve Employee Happiness to Calm Job-Hopping Tendencies

Why Your Nurses Might Be Job-Hopping – and What to Do About It If you’ve noticed some job-hopping tendencies among nurses these days, you’re not alone. A recent Robert Half survey showed 64 percent of professionals across industries viewed job-hopping positively. And, in case you’re wondering, it is true that workers from the younger generations […]

When Good Managers Leave: How to Create a Smooth Transition for Staff

Every hospital has at least one: The nurse manager who performs like a superstar. The staff nurses love her so much they would follow her into a burning building, and she performs the business functions of her position with thoroughness and excellence. This is the type of nurse manager that makes a CNO’s life easier, […]

Patient Perception Can Increase Frustration

Many things have changed in healthcare, but patient expectations regarding their nursing care has not. Technology provides a vast amount of accessible information, which has contributed to conditioning our society to expect immediate gratification and may provide unrealistic, confusing or inaccurate healthcare information. These misconceptions could affect the patient’s trust and compliance with their healthcare […]