Old Bridge Surgical Services & Nursing Management Team

Team Spotlight

Raritan Bay Medical Center

Stories of Florence Nightingale’s compassion, bravery, and leadership have shaped modern nursing and influenced and inspired millions. As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of her birth, we are honored to shine a light on today’s #NurseHeroes on the front lines by sharing some of their stories.

This is the Old Bridge Surgical Services & Nursing Management Team’s story.

“The courage to show up each day to fight the fight was unreal. We celebrated losses and successes together.”

Interview with Jacqueline Barber, BSN, RN, CEN:

Describe why you chose to become a nurse.

I was drawn to the science and art of nursing.

Describe your most rewarding day on the job.

When a plan comes together and the team realizes it can achieve more than they anticipated. When the patient has that true moment of understanding…that is pure satisfaction.

Describe your most challenging day on the job

The pandemic made it challenging to prepare for the unexpected; it’s then when you see the nurse rise to the occasion.

Do you have any nurse hacks or lessons learned in the field you would like to share with others?

Patience… there is no rush. Do not assume and get the whole story. Give yourself time to process then share. Ask the front liners…

What’s a favorite quote of yours?

“Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

Nursing is the most rewarding and challenging profession. There are endless opportunities and adventures. You have many opportunities to teach, learn, share, and listen. Actions speak louder than words. A simple connection with a patient/family is a gift. We have the opportunity to collaborate, be creative, demonstrate compassion, and be courageous all in one day!

For those looking for a way to help others, is there a charity you suggest?

American Cancer Society

Thank you for all you do, Old Bridge Surgical Services & Nursing Management Team!


Old Bridge Surgical Services & Nursing Management Team’s Nomination

In recognition of nurse’s week, there is not one but many nurses that need the spotlight. I would like to recognize the Surgical Services OBD and the Nursing Management Team. Our journey began with the closing of elective surgeries.

The management team proactively and creatively deployed nurses to meet the demand for the surge of admissions the novel coronavirus forecasted and sought a clean unit.

The location was secured and the team would be deployed to accommodate COVID-free patients requiring admission. Team members collaborated to develop a schedule of 12 hour shifts for 24 hour coverage of the unit named Suite 350.

Preparation included collaboration with every department associated with patient care from Admissions, IT, Communications, Environmental, Materials Management, Dietary, and Pharmacy. While all of this coordination was in planning, team members were about to begin a nursing practice different from their normal course of duties.

Some of our operating room team members had not been on an inpatient unit in quite some time, and some had never practiced on a unit. This included the pre admission testing nurses as well. Although the PACU nurses had more experience, the documentation and coordination inpatient care was new, and the charting was new. Training and access to the inpatient documentation was provided.

The team would prepare the unit in anticipation of what might be needed in this urgent situation. The team divided up, coordinated with pharmacy, linen, and material management for supplies.

The plan was to provide team nursing with one PACU nurse to oversee the OR team nurses. We soon realized this was the best collaboration of teams, as there was open sharing and collaboration, with creative staffing assignments to provide each member with continuity and safe practice. Inpatient nurses were so eager to help explain the gaps and help us to increase our independence. The Unit assistants helped us to identify and print needed forms and transfer patients in the computer.

The courage to show up each day to fight the fight was unreal. We celebrated losses and successes together. We became the village; each of us brought something that was essential to the department. We had patient sitters and people who ran for items we required, and helped feed our patients. We each got to know the patients and families… after all, we are the only people they see in the hospital. Facetiming with families and allowing them to speak directly to patients, especially the ones without access to phones, was a joy and sometimes a necessity.

I hear now that things have calmed a bit… “It was great to do this again.” The new OR nurse was advised she can now say she worked an inpatient unit.

Mostly, I sense a great amount of accomplishment and pride in what they were able to accomplish in a short time. To be recognized as a vital partner in the Covid-19 response. This team performed the 4 C’s: Collaboration, Courage, Creativity, and Compassion with grace.

We thank our management team Rosalie Grantoza, Maryann Finney, Irene Bentley, and Jane O’Rourke for their leadership, vision and support.

Jacqueline Barber, BSN, RN, CEN
Hackensack Meridian Raritan Bay Medical Center – Old Bridge

Thank you for helping us honor all of these wonderful nurses and the profession of nursing, Jacqueline. We salute you! 


Do you have a story to share?

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