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3 Surprising Ways Nurse Scheduling Technology Can Foster a Positive Workgroup Culture

It’s undeniable that technology can bring people closer together. Just look at the billions of people around the globe who renew and maintain friendships on social media platforms. Hospitals likewise can use technology to build a positive workforce culture – without investing in any new software. Simply use ShiftWizard to foster esprit d’corps in these […]

End the Nurse Call-In Hassle for a Happier New Year

Just when you get the unit’s work schedule humming, it happens: A nurse calls off at the most inopportune time. Or quits without notice. Stifling your emotions, you do what all good nurse managers do and deal with the task at hand, working the phone to find someone to fill in on short notice. But […]

Tame Holiday Scheduling Woes with ShiftWizard

Tame Holiday Scheduling Woes with ShiftWizard

Even under the best of circumstances, holiday staffing can turn ugly fast. One nurse just left your office after complaining about how she “always” has to work the holidays, while another one is just entering to complain she “never” gets to work those premium shifts. And then, on Christmas Eve, you get an eleventh-hour phone […]

How Using ShiftWizard Improves Your Life as a CNO

Chief Nursing Officers often feel constant pressure to control costs while maintaining high patient care standards, recruiting and retaining nurses and enhancing staff morale. That’s a lot to juggle. You can recapture some of your professional quality of life with just one easy action, though: deploy scheduling software. Surprised? Discover these three ways your life […]

One Way to Stop Nurse Overtime from Wrecking Your Budget

When a nurse calls off sick on your unit, how do you choose someone else to cover for her? For many nurse managers, the answer is like the old “Dialing for Dollars” TV show: she picks up the phone and begins calling each available nurse in sequence until – ding! ding! ding! – she finds […]

Use Nurse Scheduling Software to Foster Teamwork

We all know patient care is a team sport. When a person is hospitalized, an entire organization works together to help restore that individual to health. Doctors and nurses may be the most recognizable people on the healthcare team, but patient care also involves techs, unit secretaries, nurse managers and many other folks. When these […]

Savvy Ways to Handle Large Nurse Scheduling Gaps

You know how it goes. You’re in one of those periods where staffing is humming along. You have a great core group of nurses, and they rarely call off. For weeks you’ve hardly had to look at your staffing matrix. And then six of your nurses announce they’re pregnant at the same time. Naturally, you’re […]

Making CNOs Lives Easier with Healthcare-Based Scheduling Software

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Can we start by saying most CNOs love their job? But everyone’s work life can be improved. Healthcare-based scheduling software can make your life as a CNO better than you might have imagined. ShiftWizard can improve the quality of your work life by enhancing your team’s job satisfaction, building an exceptional nursing culture throughout your […]