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Flexible Staff Scheduling – Elliot Health System

New Scheduling Challenges & ShiftWizard Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more and more hospitals have had to scramble to address the operational challenges of staff scheduling during severe capacity surges. The upcoming winter and post-holiday COVID-19 patient influxes are expected to continue at a devastating pace. Efficiently and accurately reallocating and repurposing staff has become […]

Managing Critical Staff Shortages with ShiftWizard

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, significant staff shortages are reported at hospitals across the country. In some states up to 30% of hospitals have reported critical shortages. Since this crisis is no longer regional or local but nationwide, simply filling gaps with staff from other locations is not always an option. Therefore, quickly and […]

The Costs to Consider in Workload Balancing

The nursing shortage has been growing in the United States for many years, but the problem is expected to reach new heights as our population ages and a large portion of nurses approach retirement. This shortage was compounded with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic when staffing needs surged to unprecedented levels, particularly in specialty […]

Workforce Strategies for Today’s Scheduling Challenges

Cred to Rusty Watson

While the nursing shortage has been a worrisome trend for decades, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this intensifying problem. Already short-staffed hospitals are having to manage capacity surge and quickly determine how to best utilize and stretch their available resources. Addressing the unique scheduling challenges hospitals face today requires effective workforce strategies. Here are some […]

Eliminate Holiday Nurse Staffing Hassles Once and For All


Any nurse scheduler can tell you holiday scheduling has the potential to cause angst and outrage among the staff. For the scheduler it can feel like reinventing the wheel every winter holiday season, with questions like, “How can we staff this place adequately but still be fair to our nurses?” while nurses cry, “I worked […]

Strategies to Thrive as a New CNO

CNO tips

First Year CNO? Use These Strategies to Thrive (Not Just Survive!) The first time you’re appointed Chief Nursing Officer, your gut may be churning with many emotions: pride, a sense of accomplishment, excitement, energy, overwhelm and fear. It’s natural to feel a little intimidated about taking on a senior leadership position for the first time, […]

What Customers Think of ShiftWizard

Customer Reviews

“One Big Recruitment Tool” – Hear What Customers Really Think about ShiftWizard Scheduling Software As a CNO or nurse manager, you no doubt get pitched all the time by salespeople hawking scheduling software. Besides comparing the features of these programs – which you can do easily with a tool like the renowned, unbiased KLAS report […]

House Supervisors can Effortlessly Maximize Labor Efficiencies with This New Tool

With the introduction of value-based healthcare a decade ago came a drumbeat now familiar to any CNO, house supervisor or float pool manager: Maximize labor efficiencies. In simple terms, that means precisely hitting your staffing targets to deliver safe, high-quality patient care without incurring labor cost overruns. But, as you know, that’s a tricky proposition, […]

CNO Solutions for Staffing Non-Traditional Care Locations

One of most interesting healthcare trends to watch right now is the continued movement of payers into the provider space. As insurers like Aetna and Cigna partner with pharmacies and retailers to deliver care directly to patients – bypassing traditional providers like medical groups – health systems find themselves competing for business with these disruptive […]

Reviewers Agree: ShiftWizard the Top Nurse Scheduling Solution for Reducing Costs

The results are in. According to the prestigious KLAS research, ShiftWizard tops the list of nurse scheduling solutions in terms of reducing overtime and agency costs. KLAS reviewed ShiftWizard for the first time in their “Nurse and Staff Scheduling” performance report, and the providers said our software, “is having a greater impact on reducing costs […]