Transformational Leadership at the Bedside

On-Demand Webinar Webinar Learning Objectives: Why nurse leaders at enterprise health systems use Transformational Leadership Principles, and why you should too! How to handle difficult situations using Transformational Leadership Principles Strategies to drive accountability for improving quality, patient experience, patient safety, and operational efficiency How to overcome barriers to driving outcomes with this model of leadership […]

Incentive Strategies for Nurses: 3 Creative, Non-Monetary Ideas

On-Demand Webinar Improve nurse & staff retention using incentives that don’t break the bank. Non-monetary incentives aren’t just inexpensive, they are often more effective than their costly alternative. Incentives are often used in healthcare as a way to encourage nurses and staff to fill undesirable gaps in the schedule. No one wants the late-night weekend […]

More Nurses = Lower Costs: The Surprising Truth

On-Demand Webinar  Learn how to convince your leadership team that more FTE nurses will lead to savings not higher costs! As hospitals continue to struggle with financial challenges, they must understand that simply decreasing the number of full-time nursing positions is not the answer. Labor costs, direct and indirect, are obviously impacted by staffing […]

Achieving Optimal Nurse Staffing Levels in EDs

On-Demand Webinar Learn more about maintaining optimal staffing levels, fine-tuning performance, meeting quality improvement goals and monitoring overall productivity. With patient volume fluctuating greatly day-to-day or even hour-to-hour, Emergency Departments struggle to maintain the optimal nurse staffing levels needed to address HPPV goals while also ensuring the best possible patient care and the well-being of […]

Recruiting & Retaining Generation Z & Millennial Nurses

On-Demand Webinar Learn how to recruit, retain, and develop the new generations of nurses.  Don’t make the mistake of managing Generation Z and Millennials in the same way! Join nationally-recognized speaker and author, Dr. Jennifer Mensik, as she discusses the new dynamic Millennial and Generation Z nurses bring to the table.  The new generations have […]

Inspiring Nurse Leaders in Turbulent Times

On-Demand Webinar Listen to the full audio recording below: Nationally recognized healthcare leader and former Chief Nurse Executive, Melissa Fitzpatrick, shares information, strategy, inspiration, and fellowship with Nurse Leaders. In the webinar on April 5, 2018, Melissa discussed how to: Identify the major challenges facing nurse leaders in 2018 Identify strategies to successfully balance workforce […]